The 2017 Volvo V60 T6 AWD: Optimized for drivability, not just speed

Polestar, Volvo’s execution division, applies its mark to the Swedish automaker’s items in two ways. There are the full Polestar autos, similar to the 367-torque V60 and S60 Polestars, with truly revamped suspension and more help from the processing plant. At that point there are the Polestar-streamlined autos, improved with a product update introduced by a Volvo merchant. We went to Sweden to attempt an Euro-spec V60 with the most recent Polestar improvement.

Intended for the S60, V60, and XC60 in T6 AWD trim, this motor control unit update goes for enhanced drivability rather than out and out speed. The advancement offers execution to match its cost for this situation, that cost is far kinder than that of the to the max Polestar autos.

Past ECU overhauls like the 25-hp chip offered in 2011 for the past T6 motor and the 15-hp update discharged in 2014 for the V60 PHEV just changed motor yield and power conveyance. The most current update begins there and makes changes to the throttle reaction, off-throttle reaction, move speed, and move timing. There’s apparently more to tinker with, as well, since T6 AWD autos now get Volvo’s new super-and turbocharged Drive-E four-chamber.

Yield crawls up somewhat from 302 pull to 306 hp, while torque takes a greater hop from 295 pound-feet to 317. The numbers are auxiliary to the adjustments in power conveyance, with twofold digit picks up in accessible power and torque at a helpful rpm contrasted with a non-upgraded auto. The center of the range is the sweet spot: control moves from 228 hp to 245 hp, and pinnacle torque begins at 2,100 rpm and goes through to 4,500, versus 3,000 to 4,000 rpm from the non-advanced motor. This extra mid-go oomph is accessible in both Normal and Sport modes, and the efficiency evaluations are unaltered.

In Sport mode, throttle reaction is more keen than in a non-streamlined auto (Polestar didn’t have one accessible in Sweden, so we drove a standard V60 when we came back to the States for examination). Off-throttle reaction has been changed in accordance with hold revs when lifting off for short spells, similar to when braking into a corner. Move focuses are recalibrated to take advantage of the mid-run control, and the movements happen around eight percent quicker.

In the Polestar-streamlined V60 T6, the default setting gives the amped-up reflexes of Sport without the hyperactivity the transmission doesn’t naturally drop down an apparatus to support revs as it does in Sport, and the throttle doesn’t get jumpy. The net impact is less downshifting under comparative speeding up. When you request more, it pulls harder in each apparatus. Turbo slack is apparent when you squash the throttle, however its belongings are diminished on the grounds that there’s more torque down low to assist before the turbo truly kicks in.

The main off note in the redesigned V60 and, by augmentation, the new V60 and S60 Polestars is that it’s still worked with Volvo’s superseded inside outline. It’s agreeable and completed appropriately, yet the new 90-arrangement extend has matured it furiously by examination. Consistently that passes by, the past fitment gets a year more seasoned as far as observation.

The Polestar ECU, in any case, has a checked effect. In ordinary urban circumstances, the upgraded Volvo won’t fill in as difficult to get the following light, get around slower movement, or associate a couple of tough corners. Everything is just less demanding, and the cost/advantage proportion appears an easy decision: Polestar records the product bundle at $1,495 and says it’s accessible new or as a retrofit. We addressed a Volvo merchant who said it takes a few hours to introduce. That time, and each penny, will be well spent.

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